Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vegetarian Festival in Thailand

Kin Jay or Vegetarian Festival, The full name of the festival is "Observe the Ten Commandments and Abstain from Meat".

Bangkok city you can see this great festival in China Town on Yaowarat Road, starting ringht now for 10 days .
This Vegetarian festival means time to clean your soul up ,after long time you ate meat and cause of the killing any animals for the food.

You have to obstain from the meat in a short time in during this period of the year, mainly in china town that you can come to join and experience your trip and travel in Bangkok City.

Phuket Vegaterain Festival 

The big place and main festival to see in south of Thailand at Phuket. Showing the power from their god in many actions : walking through the fire by plain foot ,power of the magic from god will save them for any hurt, using sharp knite to show stricky skin and more.

Dressing to participate in event ,if possible you should dress in the white colour that means to clean your mind and body , it is the symbol for a week in this month of every year.
So, please do not miss it.

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