Saturday, October 1, 2011

Brown Sugar
How to make a brown sugar

Thai brown sugar is the best sugar for your coffer in the breaking time at the monent in daily work.

Here in Smutsongkran Provice , this area has thier own uniuqe style. The coconut trees are the main trees in their farm in whole area of this province. Many producks from here to the market which made from coconut to be one of the ingredients of food and sweet.

When Thai people will cook one dish of Thai food , coconut milk from thier farm will play the main inportant role to make the teste to be the best of the curry. So, this was the tip for all the chefs in local area in nationawide.

The most important product to the main market in Bangkok City for the local people here in Samutsongkran province was the Brown Sugar. The brown sugar that you saw in the market ,you can assume those products came from here.

In above picture, you will see that they will bring the plastic box to keep the syrup which will leak from the bunch of coconut flower. They process to collect the syrup which they can do twice a day in morning and evening time.

The better chance to see in morning to their farm which was not the tourist places , you will see them coming to do their jobs at that time.

This brown sugar of Samutsongkram province which I would like to invite all to explore in a day tour from bangkok to here , just in 1 hour wiht the best and nice breath of the Thai culture.

From this activities in morning time , the place which was very popular among the travellers and tourits to here is Domneon Saduak floating market .
That is the next trip from the farm which you can mix it together in the same day tour .

Home stay in this area was very popular for Thai travellers for along time . The seafood is the main reason for Thai which will bring them to teste the original of the seafood in local restuarant . It was really fresh and delicious. All will fall in love the charm of local lives in countryside of Thailand.

Let come to prove it by yourself.

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