Sunday, October 9, 2011

End of Buddhist Lent day Festival

End of Buddhis lent day festival

On October 12, 2011 is  a end day of buddhist lent in Thailand. The festival was the really great religious ceremony for their spirit for merit making.

The story of ending buddhist lent day from the buddha's Charaka(story or tale) is during the raining season all the people will grow up their rice fields covering the whole area in India. The buddhist monks on that time had travelled trough everywhere then passing rice and farm fields ,they destroyed everything down . All villagers complained to buddha what have happened to the whole rice fields because of the monks and novices.

The lord buddha had setted one rule, in raining season all monks and their followers should stay in one place for the whole three months in raining season.

This is the act to rule for the buddhist monks, when the monks stay in one place ,it made the good time for all buddhist to make merit in temple till the present time as we can see the end day of buddhist lent festival in Thailand.

End of Buddhist lent festival can be see in the whole countries at the same time for buddhist people.

The main activities in different parts of Thailand

Central Part : Tak Bat Tevorohana or offering the food and curry to buddhist monks
North of Thailand : Offering robe to monk,Chak Phra ,bringing buddha to worship
South part: Chak Phra, and meditation
Northeastern of Thailand: Lai Ruew Fai , Offering food and curry for monks and Yellow robes to monks.

The frestival will be the central for all communities , a temple fair is the main activities for family to relaxe after the harvast season for their hard work. So, if you are staying around the temples ,please don't forget to visit to explore and get the new experiences with them over there.

Welcome to buddhist festival in Thailand.

For more information ,you can see from Tourism outhourity of Thailand as below link:

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