Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pict of Bangkok

Tha Tien Market

You will see this picture on the way go to Ta Tien Market between Wat Pho and Wat Arun which the real of staffs of dry fishes and shrimp and squids.
All of the dried fishes , shrimps and squids ware the best season for those who stayed in remote area, it used to cook with rice ,making curry, paste and more in differrent parts of Thailand . Most of the seafood came from the south of Thailand and transfered for sell in north and north-east of Thailand.
In early market near to you hotel in Bangkok city ,that is the best place for you which you have to do and see in early morning time . It will make your dream tour to be complete in a culture and local tour.

Flower Market at Paklong Talad
the biggest flower market in bangkok city, the market will start from early morning . All flower was sent to the market by owner farms in countryside by the big trucks or by air in case of sencitive flowers.
Time for all to explore bangkok city to amaze your experiences and share with them in daily life .
Garland of the jusmine flowers offering to the holy temples and shrines , bunch of flower for your shop, honey, congradulation and more ,it is easy to order by the telephone or walk in directly to the market.
Wreath for the ceremony in temple here was the biggest place for them offfering to cremation ceremony by the relatives .
Paklong Talad Flower Market have the fresh fruits market in the same area ,so it is the best to come to explore , this paklong talad market is not so far from the main tourist places such as Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Wat Kanlaya, Grand palace with emerald buddha temple and Golden moutain.
Tour and trip to Khaosan Road is also not far from each other, for my recommend to you and all this should be in your tour program to Bangkok City.

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