Thursday, November 3, 2011

Basic Thai Language

Basic Thai language
Speaking Thai language

Thai language in words or phrases for your converstion is the basic for all travellers to Bangkok city, Thailand.

Hello---------> Sa-was-dee
How are you--------->Khun-saby-dee-mai
Thank you---------->Kob-khun
How much---------->Tao-rai
I love you------------>Chan-rak-khun
I love Thailand---------->Chan-rak-muang tai
Discount, please------> Lod-raka-dai-mai
It's O.K.-------->Tok-long
My name---------->Phom-cheu......(your name), Chan-cheu.........(for lady)
Help me-----------> Chauy-dauy

These words or phrase will help you to talk and speak in bacis Thai conversation with the local in bangkok city,Thailand. Especially you have to talk to taxi drivers, tuk tuk drivers and event with your tour guide.

Holpefully this will be useful for all to do in easy way and have a good time in Bangkok city.

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