Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Siam Ocean World

Bangkok Day Trip
to Siam Ocean World

This is the another place for you to do during the day in Bangkok city.
Siam Oceam World is easy for you to visit by BTS Sky Train.

Siam Paragon Shopping Centre is the big shopping mall in central part of Bangkok at Siam BTS station. At levels B1 & B2 of Siam Paragon shopping Mall that is the Siam Ocean World

Siam Ocean World is the Southeast Asia's biggest aquarium .

What can you see and get from here ?

  1. Mysterious marine
  2. Adventure by exploring 
  3. 7-Zone of  Wonder

  • Weird & Wonderful
  • Deep Reef
  • Living Ocean
  • Rainforest
  • Rocky Shore
  • Open Ocean
  • Sea jellies

Siam Ocean World have many Activities to join and do together here.
  • Glass botton boat: 
  • Live shows
  • Shark Encounter
  • Dive with Shark
  • Ocean Walker experience
  • 5D Cenema extreme

Monday, November 28, 2011

The river Kwai Light & Sound Festival 2011

Kanchanaburi Soud and Light Show
over River Kwai Bridge (During 28 Nov- 9 Dec 2011)

Welcome to explore the history of World War II in Thailand at River Kwai Bridge , Bring all back to the time of fighting in South East Asia, it will share experiences together with last world war.

Each year in late November to early December, the world famous River Kwae Bridge built by Allied prisoners-of-war during World War II , becomes the focal point of celebrations.
This 12 days’ event commemorates every evening in a very realistic way the bombardments of the Bridge over the River Kwai against the Japanese occupation, which put an end to the world war 2 in South-East Asia.

The festival also includes popular concerts with different famous artists every evening. It is also an enormous commercial fair for shopping, which also allows to have great fun and taste the local Kanchanaburi food and regional specialities.

Event highlights include historical and archaeological exhibits, a carnival, folk and cultural performances, rides on World War II vintage trains, and a spectacular light and sound presentation re-enacting the bridge's World War II legacy.

Thailand at the Kanchanaburi Bridge over the River Kwai is definitely one of the best light and sound  show in the world : an exceptional event, not to be missed from Friday 25th November until Tuesday 6th December 2011.

Home to the famous Bridge over the River Kwai ,The famous Tiger Temple, Erawan Waterfall, Hellfire Pass and Trekking Camp, Kanchanaburi Province came on the spotlight of tourist destination while it is not far from Bangkok city, in Thailand.

Welcome to Sound and Light Show as Bridge over River Kwai During 28 November- 9 December 2011.

The Tourbangkok Team