Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wat Pho of Bangkok

Buddha Images in Bangkok
at Wat Pho or Reclining buddha temple

Wat Pho

This picture is the the buddha images along the area of chanting hall. The beautiful images are the place for all of buddhist people to come to worship during their holiday to temple. They have one day for buddhist holiday during the week.

Wat Pho is the royal temple in Bangkok city under royoal patronate of King Rama I of present dynasty.

The most beautiful sleeping buddha image was attracted all tourists around the world to visit this temple.

Welcome to Bangkok and welcome to visit and explore the Thai culture.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

5 Days Tours

Sukhothai Tour
Price: 25,000 THB
Bangkok- Sukhothai - Chiang Mai
4Days 3Nights

Day1: Bangkok Royal city Tour
Day2: Bangkok - Ayuttaya - Pitsanulok
Day3: Pitsanulok - Sukhothai - Chiang Mai
Day4: Chiang Mai City Tour

Hotel: Century Hotel(Bangkok), Lapaloma Hotel(Pitsanulok), Chaing Mai Plaza Hotel(Chiang Mai)

Tour included: Hotel/Accommodatins as standard hotel in sharing rom, Transportation, Guide, ABF - Lunch, Tickets to all tourist places as mentioned programs, Tours in program

Details and Tourist places to visit:

Day1: Bangkok city tour(Lunch + Guide + Tickets to all tourist places + Tranportation;pick up and drop off at your hotel)
  • Golden Buddha , 5.5Tons of Solid gold
  • Bangkok flower Market at Paklong Talad
  • The biggest reclining buddha at Wat Pho
  • Royal Palace as the former royal residence in Bangkok city
  • Emerald Buddha or Green Jade Buddha in Royal Palace
  • Down Temple on the river bank of Bangkok with the big Prang as the place of  relic of Buddha
  • Marble Temple of King Rama V
  • Shopping
  • End of the Day Tour in Bangkok

Day2: Bangkok - Ayutthaya - Pitsanulok (ABF + Lunch + Guide + Transportation + Hotel + Tickets to all tourist places in programs)
  • Wat Yai Chaimongkol, the big chedi which refering to greatest victory of King Naresuan
  • Wat Kiri Wong at Nakorn Sawan Province at the top of mountain
  • Wat Praputhachinarat as the most beautiful budda image in country
  • Night Barzar at Pitsanulok

Wat Phrasrisanpet, the main Ayutthaya temple in old city as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991.

The Big Buddha at Wat Phra Sri Sanpet ,it was the one main tourist attraction temple in Ayutthaya city, Thailand.
Day3: Pitsanulok - Sokhothai - Chiang Mai ( ABF + Lunch + Guide + Transportation + Hotel + Tickets to all tourist places in programs)
  • Sukhothai Historical Park: Wat Mahathat, Wat Sri sawai, Wat Sasri
  • Wat Sri Chum
  • Lunch
  • Checking in Chiang Mai's Hotel
 The boundary stone of Temple, this stone to mark covering the area of Chanting hall or Ubosot in temple as the main part of holy building in one temple which is place to ordinate man to be a monk in Temple.
 The first sculture of walking budda was happended here at first time in Sukhothai Kingdom at the World Heritage Site.

 Day4: Chiang Mai City Tour ( ABF + Lunch + Guide + Transportation + Hotel + Tickets to all tourist places in programs)
  • Doi Suthip
  • Sankampaeng Village
  • Wat Phrasing
  • Lunch
Wat Phra Singh in Chiang Mai City
    Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai City

Thailand Tour is really good for short time to Travel around Thailand with this tour.

Sukhothai Tour with more information ,please contact

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vegetarian Festival in Bangkok (China town)

Vegetarian Festival 2012 in Bangkok

Vegetarian Festival in Bangkok 
October 14 - 23 , 2012
Yaowarat Road or China Town in Bangkok

Chean Khao Chinese Temple at Klong San, Chao Phraya riverside
in the same day 14 - 23 , 2012

Vegetarian Festival
It is the time to clean their mind and avoid from killing animals to hold their precepts during this week in one year round. So, the main activites will hold in China town as the main Chinese's temples & people who lived around the whole ares and places. 
This week was good for all travellers to visit in last year and now it is the time to come to visit and explore Thai Vegetarian Food Festival in Bangkok Capital.

This week will be the greatest day for all people to eat the vegetarian food and come to joy with all Thai people who will come out to celebrate their festival. It is about 40-50% of Thai people which they will try to eat vegetarian foods for their lives in a year.

Thai Vegetarian Foods which you will see through out the markets;
  • Pad Thai ; Thai fried noodles
  • Pad Pak; Thai fried vegetables
  • Pad Se-ew; Fried big string noodle with vegetables
  • Tom Yam; Hot or Spicy soup
  • Poh Pia; Deep fried spring rolls
  • Mee Thai; Thai style fried noodles
  • Thao Hu Thod; Thai fried Tofu in sweet and sour
Vegetarian ingredians;
Soy bean, Chili, Garlic, Mushrooms, Coconut milk, Onions, Kaffir lime, Lemon grass, Ginger and more ingredients as local places they can have it for cooking in easy way.

Travel and Tour to Vegetarian Festival;
All tourists should go to join and see the vegetarian festival in evening time or around 16:00pm-18:00pm. In this time you will see all shops along the China Town which they will open shops and many people will come to buy vegetarian foods for themselves and their families. 
China Town will be beautiful and perfect place to visit during this vegetarian festival.

To Explore Bangkok Vegetarian Festival , you can go to explore the beautiful vegetarian festival from Dinner Cruise in Bangkok city by River night. The Bangkok Dinner Cruise  will past through all the main buildings with beautiful light and riverbanks, Chinese temples are there with decorations of Chinese lamps ,the one spot to be highlight by Bangkok's night.

Tour Bangkok in this way will be the great memorable tour in Thailand.

The Bangkok Tour Team
Sharing your experiences with in Bangkok

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bangkok city tour to Bhuddhist University

Bangkok city Tour

Tour to: Buddhist University, Amulet Market, Wang Lang Market and Museum

Price: Guide 1,500 THB, Van 2,000 THB, Museum 200 THB/pp, 500 THB/pp will apply to 3pax up
Tour Size: 2pax up
Style: Bangkok Walking Tour, Half Day Tour

The Buuddhist University in Bangkok at Maha Chulalongkorn Ratchavidayalai University (Tha Phra Chan Pier)

This is the one place which you can come to visit one buddhist university in Bangkok during your tour and travel to Bangkok city in Thailand. The location of University is in Wat Mahathat at Tha Phrachan pier in between Thammasat University and Silapakorn University.
Buddhist University give a chance for all buddhist monks to get higher education

Wat Mahathat is the royal temple ,the big temple for buddhist monks who want to come to study in University in Capital city.
We will bring you to explore these places in University and Mahathat Temple.
Buddhist meditation : At Buddhist faculty of Buddhist  University, At Section 5 of Wat Mahathat
Buddhist Library: Explore the teaching taxbooks in Central Buddhist library.
Buddhist Class: You can join to Apitham Class, or Join to Buddhist center for class at University.
Buddhist Canteen: Tea, Coffee, Milk shake and Nampana etc.,
Buddhist Dhamma class: Aphitham Centre

Beside Tour with optional Tour:
Bangkok Canal Tour is another tour which is your choice to during your tour in Bangkok.

Amulet Market :
The oldest amulet market in Bangkok city, we can explore all the merchants they try to sell all Buddha images, Statues, Amulets and all accessories from temples, which they believed in the magic powerful amulet.

Wanglang Market:
The local market at Riverside sells all cloths, shoes, Fruits and Food in the same place. It was amazing market to look and sightseeing around.

National Museum
It was a Bangkok tour in half day with funny style and Museum.

The Bangkok Tour Team

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Floating market in Thailand

Floating market in Thailand

Floating market in Ratchaburi
  1. Domnoen Saduak floating market
  2. Amphawa floating market
  3. Thaka floating market
Floating market in Pattaya
  • Pattaya floating market
Floating market in Ayutthaya
  • Ayothaya floating market
These are the main floating markets in Thailand , when you come to Kingdom of Thai if you have enough time with the floating markets. The best floating market for your tour during you stay in Thailand.

Domnoen Saduak floating market is the most famous floating market in Thailand. We can say 80% of the travellers will come to visit this floating market. Domnoen Saduak floating market is not so far from Bangkok city , it will take about 1:30hrs to reach at floating market.
Activities to do on the tour to floating market; seeing salt field, Factory of Brown sugar, Ride on paddle boat, shopping in central part of market for your souvenir, Snake show, Elephant ride, Thai wooden house of handicraft.
Tour and trip to floating market at Domnoen Saduak can operate in a half day tour which you have a short time in Bangkok city, you are still have a chance to visit the Domnoen Saduak before you will leave from Bangkok.

The paddle boats and long-tail boat are very interesting at Domnoen Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi, Thailand.
The Fun activities on the main canal with many kinds of fruits, Noodle soup and more souvenir in the middle of water.

Donnoen Saduak Floating Market at the bridge whihc is the best spot for you to take the photo to the main floating market. This Domnoen Saudka floating market is the famous floating market in Thailand.

Amphawa floating market is the second big floating market to be the main tourist attraction-place from Bangkok's tour. The grilled Seafood and many kinds of fruits are the place to try and great taste of everything over there.
Activities to do here: Riding on paddle boat, Shopping, Explore local market, Local life explore by boat on Mae Klong river, Visit temple and Rama II garden.

Activities at Amphawa Floating market: Selling food, Ice coffee and the fresh seafood on the paddle boats along the main canal at Amphawa floating Market,

The boat tour or trip at Amphawa floating market is very interesting activity for you to visit at this Amphawa floating market.

Thaka floating market is another floating market in Ratchaburi province, you have to come here in weekend day which is the time for all local people will bring their products from their farms to exchange and sell in central market at Thaka Market.
Thaka floating market located in amid of lush greenery shade of coconut tree , if you like the local farm and garden . This Thaka floating market is the right place for you ,it is not so many people.

Pattaya floating market is located in Pattaya city in Chonburi.
This floating market was build for all travelers who don't have a time to go to Domnoen Saduak floating market in Ratchaburi. What can you see here in Pattaya floating market?

  • Riding paddle boat
  • Daily show
  • Thai houses in different parts of Thailand
  • Shopping
  • Waterway of local life
  • Shopping

Ayothaya floating market located in Ayutthaya city at northern part of Bangkok. This floating market is the best place to explore on the waterway by paddle boat, seeing Elephant show & Riding, the rice fields are behind the floating market which was the good and nice scenery place. The daily shows will attract you to stay there in longer than normal time.
Ayothaya floating market tour which we can combine together with Accient city as world heritage site in Ayutthaya historical park.

You will love it with culture and history combining together there.

Welcome to Thailand and for your tour information to all floating markets in Kingdom of Thai.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Basic Thai language

Basic Thai Language

Hello  -- >Sawas Dee Krub
How are you? -->Sabai Dee Mai?
Thank you very much --> Khob khun mak krub

How much? -->Tao rai
Very expensive -->Paeng Maak
discount please, -->Chay lod raka noi
O.k, -->O.k

What is your name? --> Khun Chau a-rai krub
Do you like it? -->Khum Chab mai?

I like it. -->Chan chab 
I love you. -->Chan rak khun

Number in Thai language
1  - Nueng
2  - Song
3  - Saam
4  - Sii
5  - Haa
6  - Hok
7  - Jet
8  - Paed
9  - Kao
10 - Sib

The next lesson will come in easy sentences or any words or phrase if you want to know , it is our pleasure to talk to you and we will bring it to this online Thai language learning by yourself . It is free Learning Thai language.
By : Mike
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Siam Ocean World as Siam Paragon 
Bangkok ,Thailand

Siam Ocean World
Adult 850 Baht(630) and Children 630 Baht(470),

Joint Ticket of Siam Ocean World + Madame Tussauds
Siam Ocean World is 810B/630B
Madame Tussauds Bangkok 800B/600B.
A joint ticket is discounted by about 20% to 
=1,360B Adult/ 1,040B Children. 

Entrance to Ocean water world for your day tour with family to at Siam Paragon,

 Show of under water world at Ocean World in Bangkok at Siam Paragon,

stage and some of display in fron of Siam Ocean World  ,

Ticket to Siam Ocean World at counter, enjoy your day tour with great experiences to Sea world,

This is the one place for your family tour during you are staying in Bangkok city,Thailand. It is easy to come to visit Siam Ocean world by BTS sky train or MRT from your hotels in city. Another transport to Siam ocean world by Tuk Tuk and Taxi.

Siam ocean world will open from 10:00am - 20:00am
Contact for more information and booking ,please go see from the following details;
Mr.Mike, Email:,, 
Tel. +66 851452016 , 
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Madame Tussauds

at Siam Discovery shopping Mall Fl.09

Tour in Bangkok for your family day tour which you can come to visit when you came to
Bangkok city in Thailand.

Madame Tussauds is a wax facts of the super stars around the world which will bring them
to show for you to explore and enjoy the Bangkok day tour .

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Central world 

The shopping center in Bangkok city,Thailand

The big shopping mall in Bangkok city is located in the central part of city  , here you can find everything which you want to buy as the new release fashion from around the world .
You can get it from Central world.

a play ground of a shopping mall which they will organize all the big party and festival in Bangkok such as New Year.

This is near to all the main shopping malls ,farther back at the high building is the whole sale market in Bangkok city . The reasonable market to buy all cloths ,pants, T-shirts and more from that market which was called "Phrathunam Market".

Head of Africa , to display in front of Central World ,as a part of exhibition.

The big hotel and Gasorn shopping mall are the main building , so here it is the real stuff of brand names from around the world which you can get it here.
To come this area it is very easy by BTS sky train from any corners of Bangkok city.

The Bangkok Tour Team

Monday, July 2, 2012

Poi Pet Border Thailand -Cambodia

Poi Pet Border
Permanent Crossing border between Thailand & Cambodia

 The main gate at Poi Pet boder in Thailand, this is the main way for both countries to cooperate in business sector and tour.

This is the Poi Pet border to cross to Cambodia from Thailand, it is easy to go there by many kinds of Transport services from Bangkok .
The transport system to transfer to Poi Pet border in different ways is as the following details:
  • Public bus from Mor Chit bus station
  • Train from Hua Lumphong Station
  • Vans from Victory monument
  • Tour Transfer by Van from Khao san road
  • Private Van by rental service
  • Taxi from your hotel in Bangkok
Poi Pet Border
This is the big market on the border line between Thailand and Cambodia, there are many goods and things to buy in the market.
What can you get from this market?
  • Cloths from China
  • Shoes from Vietnam
  • Dry fishes from Cambodia
  • Second hand cloths and pants from EU
  • Copy brand name of Hand bags& shoes which you can get from one place
  • The huge market in border
Some time ,here is the border place to try their future with the Casino Houses in Cambodia side with special VIP transport service from Bangkok .
And it is the main border crossing for all travelers who want to go to visit Cambodia to the main tourist places such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Ton Le Sap.
The easy way and cheap price to visit Cambodia by passing to Poi Pet Border is good for you to do by yourself.

At Poi Pet Border , you do not believe in any guys who will come to contact you for any services such as Visa, Special Transfer, Your private tour or any services from the guys around there.
If you want a service for Cambodia Visa, Transfer to Seam Reap . Please make a service to License Agent with Tourism Authority only. This way can make sure for your to get the Visa, Transfer or any tour services.

From Bangkok Transfer to Poi Pet Border ,
we recommend you to contact, This van service will come to pick up you from you hotels in Bangkok and Join/Private Transfer to Poi Pet Border in easy journey from Bangkok.

The Bangkok Tour Team
+66 851452016

**Easy way to go Cambodia by Poi Pet Border:
Van in Private: if you got enough people to fit for one van ,you can share the prices of overland transfer in very cheap price. Van to Poi Pet border is 3,500 THB per van. The van has 9seats. So the price per person is 389 THB. It was very cheap in Poi Pet Transfer.

Join Van from counter tour in Bangkok

Combodia Visa
You can do visa before you will go to Cambodia by E-Visa.
Or you can get Visa from sonsulate house at Poi Pet Border (2photos, 800- 1,200 THB for cost of Visa run at border)

Poi Pet Border - Siem Ream
You need sedan car is easy way to go to Siem Reap's Hotel, in one car it was good for 3pax. The price is 600- 1000 per person in sharing car.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New picture from Tiger temple in Thailand, these are the water buffaloes in Tiger temple.

The safety place for them to be in the temple after they survive from  a slaughterhouse by buddhist people to pay the money to buy them and setting free to temple.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Safari World Bangkok Tour 2

Safari World Tour 2
Sealion Show

Bangkok tour with family in Thailand
This is the show of sea lion in the second show after monkey show, we have a great time to see all sea lions will play with balls ,controlling equipment, water-balls, listening to master etc.
The tour of Safari World can do the Bangkok day tour  with your family .

VDO & Story by : Mr.Mike
Sponsor by:

Safari World Bangkok Tour 1

Safari World in Bangkok

The VDO of Safari world is the one shot from our tour to Safari World. This is the show of Urang Uthang show with ability of monkeys.
You will love the clever Urang-Uthang show there. This show is the first show of Safari World in Bangkok tour.

Story and VDO By Mr.Mike
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Tiger temple Thailand Tours

Thailand Tiger Temple

as the Tour from your hotel in Bangkok city,

Tiger tempel Tour in Thailand
You can do this tour to tiger temple in afternoon tour programs or with exclusive tiger temple tour in morning tour programs.

This tour will run from Bangkok city in Thailand.

Morning Exclusive Tiger Temple Tours:
  • Exercises with all tigers with these highlight:
  • Oferring food to the monks,
  • Feeding the Tiger cub,
  • Breakfast in a buddhist temple with monks,
  • Walking with the tigers to Tiger ground,
  • Bath the tigers with shampoo by your hands,
  • Feeding the steamed chiken on your hands, Playing with 5-8 tigers at Tigerwaterfall by your own toy,
  • Walking the biggest tigers in Tiger temple,
  • Photo with the big tiger on your lap,
  • and Seeing all tigers play at Tiger's Canyon.
This Tiger temple morning Tour will be pick up you early morning from your hotel in Bangkok at 04:30am, because we have to be at the temple at 7:30am (the starting time).
Walk with the tiger from the pavilion "Sala" after breakfast,
 Walk the big tiger to Tiger Canyon,
Offerring the food to the monks as the first activity at Morning Tiger temple Tour which you have to get some food from shops /Convenir Store to join with them, the driver can stop at Seven-Eleven shop on the way to Temple.
Photos as much as possible with the tigers by helping from the Staff and Volunteer,
 Tiger Cubs with Cub feeding,
 Cub Feeding by yourself,
 At Tiger Waterfall, you have a chance to play with many tigers around 6-8tigers with your toy by providing from the staff,
 Walking down to the Canyon of the Tiger, For the photo wiht the big tiger on your lap,
 Side by Side with the big tiger,
 Bath & Shampoo the tiger by your own hands,
Toy playing at Tiger waterfall,
These above photos with all activities in a buddhist temple "Tiger temple Thailand" are in the exclusive morning Tiger temple Tour.

The Great Tiger temple morning Tour
Tel.+66 878170889, Local call 0878170889


Tiger Temple in Afternoon Tours:
Photo with tigers
Walking with the tigers,
Photo the tigers at Tiger's Canyon
Explore the temple group

Welcome to Tours from Bangkok city to
Tiger Temple in Thailand as your private tour and guide

By Admin of The BangkokTours

Tel.+66 878170889, Local call 0878170889
The Bangkok Tours

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tour Bangkok ,Tour to War Cementary in Kanchanaburi city

Tour to Bangkok
Tour to War cementary in Kanchanaburi City,Thailand

Kanchanaburi city is the big city in the westside of Bangkok, here you can see one place that is really important for thoes Prisoners of war in the world war II.

War Cementary is the place of 6,982 bodies of POWs in city of Kanchanaburi. The Pacific War began in 1941 with the Japanese Empire attack on Pearl Harbor,Hawaii and British Malaya.
Japanese Empire began fighting the Britishforces in Burma. So they came to force the prisoners of war to construct the railway from Kanchanaburi city at Nong Pladuk Train station to Thanbuzaiyat in Burma side. This railway cased many prsoners fo war to die after they lacked of food and proper life in the camp. As you can see from our below pictures.

 Symbol and name of this soldier in each place ,some of garlan to respect to body.

War Cementary in Kanchanaburi ,Thailand
Crossing with the rest place in Kanchanaburi War Cementary ,Thailand.

 The main gate to War Cementary at Kanchanaburi city,Thailand

This War Cementary is the place for your tour to Bangkok,Thailand. The tour to Kanachanaburi city can mix with another main tourist places which you can combine together.

  • The main tourist places which you can combine with War Cementary tour.
  • River Kwai Bridge
  • Riding train on Deathrailway
  • Elephant Camps
  • Tiger Temple
  • Erawan Waterfall
  • Canoe boat
  • Bamboo Rafting 
  • Floating market 
  • Big Chedi at Nakorn Phrathom
Best wish and warm welcome to Thailand .

The Bangkok Tour Team

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bangkok flower Market 

Pak Klong Talad Flower Market in Bangkok ,Thialand

This is the biggest Bangkok flower, Bangkok flower is the best place to explore the real life of those people who will sell and buy all kinds of flowers. The bangkok flower will be the great time for your tour to do in morning time from your hotel by yourself of tour agent.

How to come to Paklong Talad Bangkok flower market?

  • If you stay around the Khao Sand road , you can take a walk about 30 minutes to the westside of Grand palace.
  • If you come from China town , you can pass to Sapan Put Bridge, the market will be in the same area or a littel bit closing to China Town.

At Bangkok flower market, you will see the following flowers and walking way as in pictures.
A bunch of flower in package is readdy to sell to all people in morning time.This is the cape marigold

Jusmine garlands which you can see from the wender shops around the corners of Paklong Talad flower market. The best flower to worship the lord buddha in Temple or offering to senir person.

**Becarefully, please do not smell the flowers before the owner of shop will allow you to smell it, because they will sell those flowers to worship the buddha or god.

The marigold flowers in garland offer to holy places or temple ,especially in Hindu temple or they will bring to give the candidate in the big election of politician in country.

At Bangkok flower market , you will have a chance to talk with them and experiences in the real market . This is the rountine day for them to come and work here. All people are nice and welcome to visit bangkok flower market.

The new experiences here attracted all the toourists around the world to visit here in morning time. All flower will bring from nationwide and imported flowers from over see.

Walking way in some parts of Paklong Talad flower market in Bangkok,Thailand.

The buckets or flowers along the walking street line with the price tax welcome the customers to buy in the whole day, this market will run for 24hrs services.

The Thai fruits and curry could be see in the same area of Bangkok flower market.

So, please do your tour and travel to Bangkok city , this is the place which you can do in your own way or choosing a travel agent to run the bangkok tour program for you.
Welcome to land of smiles.

The Bangkoktour Team