Monday, February 20, 2012

Bangkok Tour

Bangkok Tour 
Tour to see Thai boxing at Main stadium in Bangkok city

Tour in Bangkok by the evening time  which you can come to see from the main stadium in Bangkok from two stadium, was the wonderful match in city.
They fight for their honour and family.

To worship the master before the fight will start.

Thai boxing:Time to concentrate about the master.

Thai Boxing: Right kick and protection by the kneel

Thai boxing: Fly kick

This is the fighting between the big match in Bangkok city , all the boxers will come from the countryside for their fights for all the people in their camp and family.
If you win the match that means the money and hounour will come to your life, so we can see all the boxers who trained themself for a long time. The purpose is just in 3 minutes in each round .
Come and prove it by yourself in the real Thai national sport for the country.

Thetourbangkok Team

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