Saturday, March 10, 2012

Elephants Ride in Kanchanaburi Tour

Elephant Ride
Kanchanaburi city experiences
Elephant of Thailand in Kanchanaburi city Tour

Elephant in Prasat Muang Singh,

Walking style ,

Time to ride into jungle,

Banana after the long walking to river and deep jungle , this is the food which can get easy there in Kanchanaburi city of Thailand.

The Banana three in area which we can see in everywhere in this camp and local farms.

Swimming with it small son (new small elephant) ,it is very nice there to play with them.

Power of elephant to lift you up.

All activities which we can get and experience from Prasat Muang Singh Elephant Camp. The day tour out from Bangkok city will be the best tour to excape from busy city to deep jungle there in Kanchanaburi city.

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