Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ridding elephants Tour in Thailand, Saiyoke Camp

Tour Riding elephant  in Thailand at Saiyoke Camp

Tour from Bangkok city to Kanchanaburi city in west side of Bangkok.
This elephant camp called Soiyoke elephant camp ,they gave a chance for all travellers to ride elephants . This tour recieved almost tourists from Bangkok city. 

Riding from a corner of house.

 Take your camera for your photos on the back of elephant to jungle.

Let go to do it ...by yourself,

We are waiting for you to ride ....come on......


 The show of elephants after long riding to jungle,

Group tour to join their trip in Saiyoke elephant camp,

Time to relax at river after long day for work, Yeh...we are free .
Some food of elephant ,

Patking and the back yard with the group of elephants,

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