Monday, April 16, 2012

Train Market Tour in Maeklong ,Smutsongkran,Thailand

Waiting to see the train will come to station ,

Is the train coming? time to keep your camera for a shot of photo,

All the shops have moved thier shops from the train plateform amoment while the train will come to station.

Photos....and waiting to see........

We can stand in the middle of road for a while when the train will come to pass us in morning tour at Train market in Smutsongkran,Thailand.

oh.... to long ?

O.k, there the train is coming ........

After a train came to stop at the station all of the shops will be back to track of train.

The train came here.....
Then you can see here ,it was covered again by the umbella.

The happy time is back to us...bye we will come back to see it again with our next group.
Welcome to Train market tour in Smutsongkram province at Maeklong ,Thailand.
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