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Tour Bangkok ,Tour to War Cementary in Kanchanaburi city

Tour to Bangkok
Tour to War cementary in Kanchanaburi City,Thailand

Kanchanaburi city is the big city in the westside of Bangkok, here you can see one place that is really important for thoes Prisoners of war in the world war II.

War Cementary is the place of 6,982 bodies of POWs in city of Kanchanaburi. The Pacific War began in 1941 with the Japanese Empire attack on Pearl Harbor,Hawaii and British Malaya.
Japanese Empire began fighting the Britishforces in Burma. So they came to force the prisoners of war to construct the railway from Kanchanaburi city at Nong Pladuk Train station to Thanbuzaiyat in Burma side. This railway cased many prsoners fo war to die after they lacked of food and proper life in the camp. As you can see from our below pictures.

 Symbol and name of this soldier in each place ,some of garlan to respect to body.

War Cementary in Kanchanaburi ,Thailand
Crossing with the rest place in Kanchanaburi War Cementary ,Thailand.

 The main gate to War Cementary at Kanchanaburi city,Thailand

This War Cementary is the place for your tour to Bangkok,Thailand. The tour to Kanachanaburi city can mix with another main tourist places which you can combine together.

  • The main tourist places which you can combine with War Cementary tour.
  • River Kwai Bridge
  • Riding train on Deathrailway
  • Elephant Camps
  • Tiger Temple
  • Erawan Waterfall
  • Canoe boat
  • Bamboo Rafting 
  • Floating market 
  • Big Chedi at Nakorn Phrathom
Best wish and warm welcome to Thailand .

The Bangkok Tour Team

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