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Tiger temple Thailand Tours

Thailand Tiger Temple

as the Tour from your hotel in Bangkok city,

Tiger tempel Tour in Thailand
You can do this tour to tiger temple in afternoon tour programs or with exclusive tiger temple tour in morning tour programs.

This tour will run from Bangkok city in Thailand.

Morning Exclusive Tiger Temple Tours:
  • Exercises with all tigers with these highlight:
  • Oferring food to the monks,
  • Feeding the Tiger cub,
  • Breakfast in a buddhist temple with monks,
  • Walking with the tigers to Tiger ground,
  • Bath the tigers with shampoo by your hands,
  • Feeding the steamed chiken on your hands, Playing with 5-8 tigers at Tigerwaterfall by your own toy,
  • Walking the biggest tigers in Tiger temple,
  • Photo with the big tiger on your lap,
  • and Seeing all tigers play at Tiger's Canyon.
This Tiger temple morning Tour will be pick up you early morning from your hotel in Bangkok at 04:30am, because we have to be at the temple at 7:30am (the starting time).
Walk with the tiger from the pavilion "Sala" after breakfast,
 Walk the big tiger to Tiger Canyon,
Offerring the food to the monks as the first activity at Morning Tiger temple Tour which you have to get some food from shops /Convenir Store to join with them, the driver can stop at Seven-Eleven shop on the way to Temple.
Photos as much as possible with the tigers by helping from the Staff and Volunteer,
 Tiger Cubs with Cub feeding,
 Cub Feeding by yourself,
 At Tiger Waterfall, you have a chance to play with many tigers around 6-8tigers with your toy by providing from the staff,
 Walking down to the Canyon of the Tiger, For the photo wiht the big tiger on your lap,
 Side by Side with the big tiger,
 Bath & Shampoo the tiger by your own hands,
Toy playing at Tiger waterfall,
These above photos with all activities in a buddhist temple "Tiger temple Thailand" are in the exclusive morning Tiger temple Tour.

The Great Tiger temple morning Tour
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Tiger Temple in Afternoon Tours:
Photo with tigers
Walking with the tigers,
Photo the tigers at Tiger's Canyon
Explore the temple group

Welcome to Tours from Bangkok city to
Tiger Temple in Thailand as your private tour and guide

By Admin of The BangkokTours

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