Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Basic Thai language

Basic Thai Language

Hello  -- >Sawas Dee Krub
How are you? -->Sabai Dee Mai?
Thank you very much --> Khob khun mak krub

How much? -->Tao rai
Very expensive -->Paeng Maak
discount please, -->Chay lod raka noi
O.k, -->O.k

What is your name? --> Khun Chau a-rai krub
Do you like it? -->Khum Chab mai?

I like it. -->Chan chab 
I love you. -->Chan rak khun

Number in Thai language
1  - Nueng
2  - Song
3  - Saam
4  - Sii
5  - Haa
6  - Hok
7  - Jet
8  - Paed
9  - Kao
10 - Sib

The next lesson will come in easy sentences or any words or phrase if you want to know , it is our pleasure to talk to you and we will bring it to this online Thai language learning by yourself . It is free Learning Thai language.
By : Mike
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