Friday, July 6, 2012

The Central world 

The shopping center in Bangkok city,Thailand

The big shopping mall in Bangkok city is located in the central part of city  , here you can find everything which you want to buy as the new release fashion from around the world .
You can get it from Central world.

a play ground of a shopping mall which they will organize all the big party and festival in Bangkok such as New Year.

This is near to all the main shopping malls ,farther back at the high building is the whole sale market in Bangkok city . The reasonable market to buy all cloths ,pants, T-shirts and more from that market which was called "Phrathunam Market".

Head of Africa , to display in front of Central World ,as a part of exhibition.

The big hotel and Gasorn shopping mall are the main building , so here it is the real stuff of brand names from around the world which you can get it here.
To come this area it is very easy by BTS sky train from any corners of Bangkok city.

The Bangkok Tour Team

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