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Floating market in Thailand

Floating market in Thailand

Floating market in Ratchaburi
  1. Domnoen Saduak floating market
  2. Amphawa floating market
  3. Thaka floating market
Floating market in Pattaya
  • Pattaya floating market
Floating market in Ayutthaya
  • Ayothaya floating market
These are the main floating markets in Thailand , when you come to Kingdom of Thai if you have enough time with the floating markets. The best floating market for your tour during you stay in Thailand.

Domnoen Saduak floating market is the most famous floating market in Thailand. We can say 80% of the travellers will come to visit this floating market. Domnoen Saduak floating market is not so far from Bangkok city , it will take about 1:30hrs to reach at floating market.
Activities to do on the tour to floating market; seeing salt field, Factory of Brown sugar, Ride on paddle boat, shopping in central part of market for your souvenir, Snake show, Elephant ride, Thai wooden house of handicraft.
Tour and trip to floating market at Domnoen Saduak can operate in a half day tour which you have a short time in Bangkok city, you are still have a chance to visit the Domnoen Saduak before you will leave from Bangkok.

The paddle boats and long-tail boat are very interesting at Domnoen Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi, Thailand.
The Fun activities on the main canal with many kinds of fruits, Noodle soup and more souvenir in the middle of water.

Donnoen Saduak Floating Market at the bridge whihc is the best spot for you to take the photo to the main floating market. This Domnoen Saudka floating market is the famous floating market in Thailand.

Amphawa floating market is the second big floating market to be the main tourist attraction-place from Bangkok's tour. The grilled Seafood and many kinds of fruits are the place to try and great taste of everything over there.
Activities to do here: Riding on paddle boat, Shopping, Explore local market, Local life explore by boat on Mae Klong river, Visit temple and Rama II garden.

Activities at Amphawa Floating market: Selling food, Ice coffee and the fresh seafood on the paddle boats along the main canal at Amphawa floating Market,

The boat tour or trip at Amphawa floating market is very interesting activity for you to visit at this Amphawa floating market.

Thaka floating market is another floating market in Ratchaburi province, you have to come here in weekend day which is the time for all local people will bring their products from their farms to exchange and sell in central market at Thaka Market.
Thaka floating market located in amid of lush greenery shade of coconut tree , if you like the local farm and garden . This Thaka floating market is the right place for you ,it is not so many people.

Pattaya floating market is located in Pattaya city in Chonburi.
This floating market was build for all travelers who don't have a time to go to Domnoen Saduak floating market in Ratchaburi. What can you see here in Pattaya floating market?

  • Riding paddle boat
  • Daily show
  • Thai houses in different parts of Thailand
  • Shopping
  • Waterway of local life
  • Shopping

Ayothaya floating market located in Ayutthaya city at northern part of Bangkok. This floating market is the best place to explore on the waterway by paddle boat, seeing Elephant show & Riding, the rice fields are behind the floating market which was the good and nice scenery place. The daily shows will attract you to stay there in longer than normal time.
Ayothaya floating market tour which we can combine together with Accient city as world heritage site in Ayutthaya historical park.

You will love it with culture and history combining together there.

Welcome to Thailand and for your tour information to all floating markets in Kingdom of Thai.

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