Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bangkok city tour to Bhuddhist University

Bangkok city Tour

Tour to: Buddhist University, Amulet Market, Wang Lang Market and Museum

Price: Guide 1,500 THB, Van 2,000 THB, Museum 200 THB/pp, 500 THB/pp will apply to 3pax up
Tour Size: 2pax up
Style: Bangkok Walking Tour, Half Day Tour

The Buuddhist University in Bangkok at Maha Chulalongkorn Ratchavidayalai University (Tha Phra Chan Pier)

This is the one place which you can come to visit one buddhist university in Bangkok during your tour and travel to Bangkok city in Thailand. The location of University is in Wat Mahathat at Tha Phrachan pier in between Thammasat University and Silapakorn University.
Buddhist University give a chance for all buddhist monks to get higher education

Wat Mahathat is the royal temple ,the big temple for buddhist monks who want to come to study in University in Capital city.
We will bring you to explore these places in University and Mahathat Temple.
Buddhist meditation : At Buddhist faculty of Buddhist  University, At Section 5 of Wat Mahathat
Buddhist Library: Explore the teaching taxbooks in Central Buddhist library.
Buddhist Class: You can join to Apitham Class, or Join to Buddhist center for class at University.
Buddhist Canteen: Tea, Coffee, Milk shake and Nampana etc.,
Buddhist Dhamma class: Aphitham Centre

Beside Tour with optional Tour:
Bangkok Canal Tour is another tour which is your choice to during your tour in Bangkok.

Amulet Market :
The oldest amulet market in Bangkok city, we can explore all the merchants they try to sell all Buddha images, Statues, Amulets and all accessories from temples, which they believed in the magic powerful amulet.

Wanglang Market:
The local market at Riverside sells all cloths, shoes, Fruits and Food in the same place. It was amazing market to look and sightseeing around.

National Museum
It was a Bangkok tour in half day with funny style and Museum.

The Bangkok Tour Team

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