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Vegetarian Festival in Bangkok (China town)

Vegetarian Festival 2012 in Bangkok

Vegetarian Festival in Bangkok 
October 14 - 23 , 2012
Yaowarat Road or China Town in Bangkok

Chean Khao Chinese Temple at Klong San, Chao Phraya riverside
in the same day 14 - 23 , 2012

Vegetarian Festival
It is the time to clean their mind and avoid from killing animals to hold their precepts during this week in one year round. So, the main activites will hold in China town as the main Chinese's temples & people who lived around the whole ares and places. 
This week was good for all travellers to visit in last year and now it is the time to come to visit and explore Thai Vegetarian Food Festival in Bangkok Capital.

This week will be the greatest day for all people to eat the vegetarian food and come to joy with all Thai people who will come out to celebrate their festival. It is about 40-50% of Thai people which they will try to eat vegetarian foods for their lives in a year.

Thai Vegetarian Foods which you will see through out the markets;
  • Pad Thai ; Thai fried noodles
  • Pad Pak; Thai fried vegetables
  • Pad Se-ew; Fried big string noodle with vegetables
  • Tom Yam; Hot or Spicy soup
  • Poh Pia; Deep fried spring rolls
  • Mee Thai; Thai style fried noodles
  • Thao Hu Thod; Thai fried Tofu in sweet and sour
Vegetarian ingredians;
Soy bean, Chili, Garlic, Mushrooms, Coconut milk, Onions, Kaffir lime, Lemon grass, Ginger and more ingredients as local places they can have it for cooking in easy way.

Travel and Tour to Vegetarian Festival;
All tourists should go to join and see the vegetarian festival in evening time or around 16:00pm-18:00pm. In this time you will see all shops along the China Town which they will open shops and many people will come to buy vegetarian foods for themselves and their families. 
China Town will be beautiful and perfect place to visit during this vegetarian festival.

To Explore Bangkok Vegetarian Festival , you can go to explore the beautiful vegetarian festival from Dinner Cruise in Bangkok city by River night. The Bangkok Dinner Cruise  will past through all the main buildings with beautiful light and riverbanks, Chinese temples are there with decorations of Chinese lamps ,the one spot to be highlight by Bangkok's night.

Tour Bangkok in this way will be the great memorable tour in Thailand.

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