Saturday, June 16, 2012

New picture from Tiger temple in Thailand, these are the water buffaloes in Tiger temple.

The safety place for them to be in the temple after they survive from  a slaughterhouse by buddhist people to pay the money to buy them and setting free to temple.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Safari World Bangkok Tour 2

Safari World Tour 2
Sealion Show

Bangkok tour with family in Thailand
This is the show of sea lion in the second show after monkey show, we have a great time to see all sea lions will play with balls ,controlling equipment, water-balls, listening to master etc.
The tour of Safari World can do the Bangkok day tour  with your family .

VDO & Story by : Mr.Mike
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Safari World Bangkok Tour 1

Safari World in Bangkok

The VDO of Safari world is the one shot from our tour to Safari World. This is the show of Urang Uthang show with ability of monkeys.
You will love the clever Urang-Uthang show there. This show is the first show of Safari World in Bangkok tour.

Story and VDO By Mr.Mike
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