Monday, December 2, 2013

Thailand Shore Excursions

Thailand Shore Excursions
Tour to Ayutthaya old kingdom & Summer Palace

Full Day Tour

Price: Per Person

Highlight to:
  • Wat Mahathat
  • Wat Phrasrisanpet
  • Wat Lokiyasutharam
  • Wat Yai Chaimongkol
  • Summer Palace at Bang Pa In

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cub Feeding at Domneon Saduak Tiger Zoo

Cub Feeding
at Domneon Saduak Tiger Zoo
Half Day Tour from Bangkok

Feeding the Tiger Cub,

Pick up: 07:00- 08:00am
From: your hotel in Bangkok

Tour operator and Travel consultant
Tel. +66 851452016
The Bangkok Tour


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bangkok Temples

The Bangkok Temples

Wat Prakaew
The Emerald buddha temple in Grand Palace

Wat Pho
The biggest sleeping buddha in Bangkok city

Wat Trimit

Wat Arun
Wat Benchamaborpit
Wat Ratchaborpit
Wat Saket
Wat Hua Lumphong
Wat Inn
Wat Chanasongkram

Wat Phra Umathevee
Wat Suthat

These are the main temples in Bangkok city as the main attraction places for the travellers around the world to Bangkok in Thailand.


The Bangkok  Tour

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thailand Chanel VDO Tours

Travel Chanel
VDO Tours in Thailand from our teams from the real tourist places around Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, Pattaya, National Park, Phuket and Chaing Mai Tours, it is Travel Chanel to share with you to experience Thailand before your tours and Trips to our Kingdom of Thailand.

Thailand Travel Chanel as the below links from youtube:

Enjoy your tour and
welcome to Thailand ,

The Bangkok Tour Team

Friday, September 6, 2013

Erawan Waterfall Tour in Kanchanaburi

Erawan Waterfall Tour

in Kanchanaburi city, Thailand

Tour from Bangkok in everyday

The price of Erawan Waterfall
4,250 Baht/ per person/ group of 2pax
3,500 Baht/ per person/ group of 4pax
2,800 Baht/ per person/ group of 5 - 9 pax

Tour to:
  • Erawan waterfall in National park
  • Swim and Play with the fresh waterfall
  • Explore up to the summit of the Erawan waterfall
  • 7 Levels of Erawan waterfall
  • Lunch in National park
  • Visit to River Kwai Bridge in city
  • War Cementary
  • Jeath Museum
  • End of day tour in Kanchanaburi and
  • Transfer back to you hotel in Bangkok


     The best waterfal to swim and play in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. 
Time with the cool waterfall in Thailand at Erawan waterfall in Kanchanaburi city,

Erawan Waterfall in Kanchaburi by VDO from Youtube:

**Kanchanaburi province is very famous for elephant ride, bath and swim, so if you want to do these activities you have to pay it . It is your optional tour.

Pick up: 07:30am

Included: Transportation; pick up and drop off at your hotel in Bangkok, Licensed tourist guide, Lunch, Tickets to Erawan waterfall, bottle of drinking water, Express way

Excluded: Personal expenses, Drinks, Tips for guide & driver

Booking Erawan waterfall in Kanchanaburi tour, please
contact to

Tour Co-operator and Travel consultant
Tel. +66 851452016
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Amphawa Floating Market Tour

Amphawa Floating Market Tour
Half Day Tour from Bangkok Hotel

Price: 800 Baht /per person
Included: Transportation; pick up and drop off at your hotel, Tourist guide, Express way

Group: 4pax up to run this tour program

Pick up: 07:00am or 13:00pm

Hight light to visit:
  • Amphawa Floating market
  • Explore Market
  • Temple
  • King Rama II Garden
  • Boat Ride to explore Mae Klong River(optional tour)
  • Taste the great food and fruits

Everyday tour from Bangkok's hotels
Tour to Amphawa floating market at Mae Klong in Smuthsongkram province, Thailand, it was the another good floating market in this region.

By evening time at Amphawa Floating Market, it turn to be busy area which many people will come to fine the food for family and relax at Amphawa floating market by evening time.

By night time around this Amphawa floating Market, there is one activity for everyone when they came to this floating market.
To see the Firefly bugs along the river or canl , it was the popular tour program from Bangkok.

To book or more information , please contact

Tour operator and Travel consultant
Tel. +66 851452016
Bangkok Tour

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thailand Train Market Tour

The Train market Tour at Mae Klong market, it is the good place for your tour to stop here at Train Market and proceed to Floating market at Domnoen Saduak floating market.

Mae Klong Train Market is the place of local people will sell all the stuff on the railway such as many kinds of fruits, Food, Fresh vegetable etc.,

It is an hour from Bangkok city for Tour to Train market in Maeklong Market, 
you will enjoy with the fresh fruits, Seafoods, real local market of Maeklong district in Smuthsongkran province.

The most amazing place for this tour is the train coming to the station which will past on the railway which the local people set and sell everything on the railway.
They have to move it out from the railway as quick as possible while the train is coming to the Maeklong Train Station.

Maeklong Train Market
Tour from Bangkok

Bandy By
Tel.+66 851452016

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bangkok Dream World Tour

Dream World Tour in Bangkok
Bangkok Amusement Park
Family Tour in Bangkok, Thailand

Pick up: 08:00am

Bangkok Dream World
Roaler Coster

Bumping Boat

The Full Day Bangkok Tour to Dream World for your family tour to Bangkok city, Thailand.
The time for you with your family to play together in Dream world Park is the right park here.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hellfire Pass in Kanchanaburi city, Thailand

Hellfire Pass

in Kanchanaburi city, Thailand

180km from Bangkok to Hellfire Pass

The walking trail between cutting rock at Hellfire pass is hard place for all the prisoners of the War in World War II,
The viewpoint at Hellfire pass museum is on the mountain or hill which you can see through out to the whole area of the range of mountain in this area.
The piece of the wood which they got from the rail road along the train from Thailand to Myanmar. 

After raining at Hellfire Pass, it looks so fresh on the rock and the mountain between the way.

The main tourist attraction places in Kanchanaburi city
  • River Kwai Bridge
  • War Cementary
  • War Museum
  • Erawan Water fall
  • Elephant Camp
  • Train Ride to Death railway
  • Tiger Temple
  • ATV ride
  • River Kwai Swimming

This is the place

More information and Booking the tour packages to Kanchanaburi city, please contact

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Monkey city Tours

Monkey Town in Lopburi city

in Thailand

The monkey city is the old city in Thailand from the oldest sanctuary as we can see from the Phra Prang Sam Yod in the central part of City.

It was well known to all travellers around the world to visit as the monkey city.


Monkey's Buffe at Lopburi city

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bangkok & Ayutthaya Tour 2Days

Laem Chabang Tour package
"Bangkok & Ayutthaya Tour 2Days"
Thailnad Tour Packages


Day1) December 10, 2013:  Bangkok city tour (Transfer, Guide, Lunch,Tour)

Tour to: Royal palace, Emerald Buddha temple, The biggest reclining  Buddha image (Wat Phot),

Wat Arun(down temple), Marble temple, Shopping

·         08:00am Pick up from Celebrity Millenium Cruise Ship
·         11:45am Visit to Wat Trimit as the 5.5 Tons of Golden Buddha image in china town of Bangkok city,
·         12:30pm Lunch at Local restaurant
·         13:30pm Explore the most beautiful buildings in Royal Grand Palace
·         And the most holy Buddha in country at Emerald Buddha temple
·         15:30pm The biggest sleeping Buddha temple at Wat pho
·         16:30pm The tallest Prang at morning temple
·         Marble temple at Wat Ben
·         Shopping and Souvenir and Gem Factory
·         17:00-18:00 pm Back to Cruise
·         End of Day tour
Included: Transportation; pick up from Cruise and drop off at the same place, Guide, Tickets to all tourist places as mentioned programs, Lunch, drinking water/bottle/per person, Express way
Excluded: Personal expenses, Tip/Gratuity for Guide & Driver, Drinking


Day2) December 11, 2013: Floating Market + Transfer to Cruise Ship(Lunch, Transfer,
Ayutthaya Tour & Cruise
·         07:00am Pick up from your Cruise
·         Explore to Ayutthaya world heritage site
·         Wat Mahathat
·        Wat Prhasri sanpet
·         Wat Mongkol borpit
·         Wat Yai Chai Mongkol
·         Bang Pa In Summer Palace
·         Cruise on Chao Phraya river at Wat ChongLom
·         Lunch on board
·         Cruise on Chao Phraya river 2hrs,
·         16:00pm Pick up from River City Pier in Bangkok back to Laem Chabang Port
Included: Transportation, Guide, Tickets to all tourist places as mentioned programs, Express way
Drinking water/bottle/per person, Lunch on Cruise, Cruise back to Bangkok, Transfer back to Cruise

Excluded: Personal expenses, Tip/Gratuity for guide &driver, Drinkings

The price of Tour package: 932 USD/ 2person/2Days Tour

Person in contact
Mr.Mike  Tel. +66 851452016, +66878170889 , Email:,,

Bangkok City

Down Temple or Wat Arun on the rivreside of Chao Phraya River, the landmark of Bangkok city is the must temple to visit during your Bangkok tour.

The bigget reclining buddha at Wat Pho in Bangkok city, 45m in length - 15m high of Buddha image, located in old area of Bangkok and behind of Royal Palace. (Bangkok tour )

Ayutthaya city
 as Old Kingdom of Siam

The Buddha images along the temple at Wat Yai Chai Mongkol in Ayutthaya City , one of the old temple from the Ayutthaya period with their own beautiful Buddha and the big chedi inside the temple.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Elephant Tour in Thailand from Bangkok

Thai elephants

Thai Elephants with many activities to do at Elephant camp/Safari
from your Bangkok's hotel as the following activities:
  • Ride
  • Bath
  • Swim
  • Train as the mahout 
Elephant is the Thai national animal, this elephant play the important role to history of Thai/Siam. Now it is not place for big animals to stay in the mordern world.
Easy way to help elephants by playing with them at elephant camps , Elephant safari and Elephant villages.
About 200kg per day for one elephant to eat that means both 
This is our chance to play by riding, bathing, swiming with elephants everywhere in Thailand.
Welcome to the biggest elephant camp/safari ,this place is not far from your Bangkok's hotels.
You will love them(elephants ) in Thailand.
Elephant's Kiss, you have a chance to kiss by elepnat from Safari, Tour Elephant from Bangkok in one day tour.

Fly to the sky by elephant with you in great eperiences in your action with the good shot for the best photo from Kanchanabruri elephant camp/safari in Thailand.

Elephant's massage to the great gay who is the volenteer at Elephant safari,

Elepant ride is the most popular activity at Elephant safari, from Bangkok tour
(Floating Market + Elephant Ride 300USD/for 2person/Private/All included/Full Day)

Elephant Tour from Bangkok

Elephant Ride & Bath at Kanchanaburi Elephant Camp, (3hrs from Bangkok)
***Special Elephant Tours from Bangkok
(Elephant Ride & Bath + Tiger Temple 389USD/ for 2person/ Private/ All Included/ Full Day)

Tour packages to Elephant camp from:
  • Bangkok --->> Elephant camp 3hrs
  • Laem Chabang port ---->> Elephant camp 4hrs
                                          ----->>Elephant camp 1hr(in Pattaya )
  • Klong Toey Port ----->> Elephant camp 3hrs

Tour from Bangkok
1Day Tour: Elephant Ride + Floating Market
                   314USD/ for 2person/ Private/ Full Day/ All included
1Day Tour: Elephant Ride&Bath + Floating Market
                  360USD/ for 2person/ Private/ Full Day/ All included
1Day Tour: Elephant Ride + Tiger Temple
                  326USD/ for 2person/ Private/ Full Day/ All included
1Day Tour: Elephant Ride&Bath + Tiger temple
                 380USD/ for 2person/ Private/ Full Day/ All included
1Day Tour: Elephant + Erawan Waterfall
                 330USD/ for 2person/ Private/ Full Day/ All included
1Day Tour: Elephant + River Kwai Bridge + Death Railway
                 294USD/ for 2person/ Private/ Full Day/ All included

Tour from Pattaya and  Laem Chabang Port of Thailand
1Day Tour: Elephant Village + Pattaya Floating Market(in Pattaya)
                 370USD/ for 2person/ Private/ Full Day/ All included
1Day Tour: Elehant + Nong Nooch Garden + Big Buddha( in Pattaya)
                 314USD/ for 2person/ Private/ Full Day/ All included
2Days Tour: Elephant + River Kwai Bridge, Tiger Temple Exclusive morning (in Kanchanaburi city)
                 32,400Baht(1,080USD)/for 2person/ Private/2Days/ All included, only hotel by your own
2Days Tour: Floating Market + Elephant Ride + Tiger temple (Kanchanaburi city)
                 24,200Baht(807USD)/ for 2person/ Private/ 2Days/ All included, only hotel by your own


Wow!!! My turn, So beautiful and Great power of the Elepant,

Go!! common, We love you. It's so cute and Nice.
Bangkok Day Tour to Elephant Camp in Kanchanaburi city, Thailand
Bandy By
+66 851452016 Email:
The Bangkok Tour Team

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don Muang Airport Transfer Service

Don Muang Airport Transfer Services

We give these services from Don Muang Airport to main points in Bangkok and around Thailand as your require.
Don Muang Airport re-opened for services again after all low cost airlines  and Domestic flights came back to use this Don Muang Airport again.

If you flight with these airlines;
AirAisa, Nok Air, Oriental Airline and other airline in domestic flights.

You have to transit to International Suvarnaphum Airport for flight back to your homes/countries from this Don Muang Airport.

Don Muang Airport offers you the Circle public buses, but it took long time to go to Suvarnaphumi airport , if you have time that is ok with your lagguages.

But if you did have the time, the easy way to go there by Van, Taxi as your easy way.

We provide these service to you for connect your flight at Suvarnaphumi Airport ot Trasfer to Pattaya, Hua Hin and Bangkok's Hotesl.

Please see the prices of Don Muang Airport Transfer Services from us at below details:

  • Don Muang Airport   ------->> Suvarnaphumi Airport  1,200 THB
  • Don Muang Airport  -------->> Bangkok's Hotel           1,200 THB
  • Don Muang Airport  -------->> Pattaya                          2,500 THB
  • Don Muang Airport  -------->> Hua Hin                        3,500 THB
  • Don Muang Airport  -------->> Full Day Tour               3,500 THB
  • Don Muang Airport  -------->>Shopping --->>Don Muang Airport 2,500 THB

**These prices are per Van/Car in Transfer services.

**Services to you with these vehicles:
Toyota Van D4D (9seats, 12seats)
Camry Car (2 seats)

All Drivers with their Licenses of public drivers,
Tourist guide Services as you require to pick up inside airport and escort to Van/Car.

Booking and more information, please contact

Tour operator & Travel consultant
+66 851452016, +66 878170889
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