Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don Muang Airport Transfer Service

Don Muang Airport Transfer Services

We give these services from Don Muang Airport to main points in Bangkok and around Thailand as your require.
Don Muang Airport re-opened for services again after all low cost airlines  and Domestic flights came back to use this Don Muang Airport again.

If you flight with these airlines;
AirAisa, Nok Air, Oriental Airline and other airline in domestic flights.

You have to transit to International Suvarnaphum Airport for flight back to your homes/countries from this Don Muang Airport.

Don Muang Airport offers you the Circle public buses, but it took long time to go to Suvarnaphumi airport , if you have time that is ok with your lagguages.

But if you did have the time, the easy way to go there by Van, Taxi as your easy way.

We provide these service to you for connect your flight at Suvarnaphumi Airport ot Trasfer to Pattaya, Hua Hin and Bangkok's Hotesl.

Please see the prices of Don Muang Airport Transfer Services from us at below details:

  • Don Muang Airport   ------->> Suvarnaphumi Airport  1,200 THB
  • Don Muang Airport  -------->> Bangkok's Hotel           1,200 THB
  • Don Muang Airport  -------->> Pattaya                          2,500 THB
  • Don Muang Airport  -------->> Hua Hin                        3,500 THB
  • Don Muang Airport  -------->> Full Day Tour               3,500 THB
  • Don Muang Airport  -------->>Shopping --->>Don Muang Airport 2,500 THB

**These prices are per Van/Car in Transfer services.

**Services to you with these vehicles:
Toyota Van D4D (9seats, 12seats)
Camry Car (2 seats)

All Drivers with their Licenses of public drivers,
Tourist guide Services as you require to pick up inside airport and escort to Van/Car.

Booking and more information, please contact

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+66 851452016, +66 878170889
Email: ssakby@hotmail.com
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