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Great Elephant Day Tours from Bangkok

Great Elephant Day Tours & Trips from Bangkok

Exclusive Elephant Day Tour

Ride, Bath & Swim with them onto the river from your Bangkok hotel, Thailand

These elephants are the great animals in Thailand as National animals,

At River Kwai, we will play with the big elephants, this activity is safe for everyone because for one elephant got one mahout to look after. 

Big family,
the family time in Kanchanaburi city from Bangkok,

So cute, 
Many Elephants will play with you all the time. During the day at the river that would be something really nice to bo cool down with the water.

and Fun on the river, Thailand

Spring Water, that's the time with happy & fun elephant.

No, Don't want to go back and finished it.

Colourful of life onetime to Elephant Tours from Bangkok in a day trip, Thailand.

Extra cloths need to be prepare to be wet at Elephant camp, please get from your hotel for the towel and extra cloths.

You as the mahout, Control your own elephant.

As the great aninals in the planet, you will have the pleasant day to ride it to the jungle and river.

Elephant Great Day Tour
Pick up: 07:00am

  • Ride
  • Bath & Swim
  • Death railway
  • Krasae Cave
  • Monkey Hill
  • River Kwai Bridge of World War II
  • War Cementary
Price: 9,500 Baht/2person
          ***2,500 Baht/for 3-9pax to join in the group
    Duration: 10hrs
    Start: Bangkok

    Finish: Bangkok
Overnight Tour Package:
Another tourist places to visit in Kanchanaburi city which you can combine with these places:
  • Tiger temple,
  • Museum
  • Hellfire Pass
  • Erawan Waterfall

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