Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Songkran Festival Tour 2014 Thaialnd

Bangkok Songkran Festival 2014
Thailand Water Festival

To play the Songkran Festival in Bangkok at these main places;
  • Silom Road
  • Khao San Road

Date: 12,13,14 and15 March 2014

Preparing yourself: Plastic bag to keep your cellphones, anyting to be wet,
Full day Water Festival in Bangkok and Around the Thailand.

Activites for Thai people: This is the special holiday for the country, we will go to the temple to worship the buddha by pouring the water to the buddha, Making a wish to be good luck and succesfull in business.
In late afternoon , Coming back to home to respect the elder person in our home that is our parent by offering the Justmine Garland.

The buddhist temples are the main activites during this Songkran Festival.

Welcome to the Big Festifal in Thailand,

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