Friday, January 15, 2016

Thailand Elephant Tours

Thailand Elephant Tours
Everyday Tours
From : Bangkok

Ride elephant
Bath elephant
Train ride to Death railway
War cemetery
River Kwai Bridge

Price: 90USD/per person
***4person / Minimum to run this tour

It's available upon your request,

Tour director and Travel consultant
Tel. + 66 910495099, + 66 878170889
Emails :,


  1. Last year my husband and I travelled to Thailand. We stopped at Chiang Mai. We also rode on elephants, but in order, to make it more convenient for us travel around the city, we rented motorcycles Because it was so interesting to ride on elephants, but very slowly)))

  2. The one and only time we successfully caught a metered taxi was at Chiang Mai airport, where we had flown in from Bangkok First, they celebrate Loi Kratong every full moon, which usually falls on the 12th month of the Thai lunar calendar

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